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Quimby, an Australian labradoodle, is the first certified funeral home therapy dog in east Alabama. He is specially trained to offer comfort in times of grief.

Quimby has made many friends since joining the K.L. Brown team.

Quimby is available to families at both K. L. Brown Memory Chapel in Anniston and K. L. Brown Funeral Home and Crematory in Jacksonville. This service is provided at no cost to families.

Quimby has learned three commands specific to grief counseling.

  1. "Visit": Quimby will sit quietly next to a seated person with his head on that person's knee.
  2. "Snuggle": Quimby will lie in a person's lap.
  3. "Knuckles": Quimby will return a fist bump.

Quimby was named by his trainers and the owners, Craig and Tonia Bodiford, decided to keep his name after doing some research. They discovered he shared a name with Darius Quimby, the first American law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, in 1791. They chose to keep his name as a way to honor local law enforcement.

Families can request one-on-one time with Quimby, as well as time with him during visitations.



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